Review: Risen Gods

Posted: 15/06/2016 in book reviews, books
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Risen Gods by J.F. Penn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Content warnings: death, murder, violence, kidnapping, religious ideologies, discussions of religion, heterosexual relationships

I want to start off by saying that I put in a lot of attempts at research into the Māori language, culture, and religion. From my limited ability as an outsider into the language and culture I can say that the words used in this book are actual Māori words in the language and mean what the authors say they mean. As to the religion and culture, that was a bit more difficult to get into to the point I needed to (and if any Māori people would like to talk with me about your religion and culture, I would LOVE to talk to you please email me) to say whether or not it was even remotely accurate.

I wasn’t fully happy with the story (which, will happen from time to time) because a little bit of it felt a bit white saviour-y to me. I did enjoy the chosen one(s) trope in this book (though it’s not a true chosen many trope). I can’t say that this book isn’t culturally insensitive or culturally sensitive. Nor can I say that the author is or isn’t Māori.

I did enjoy the narration of this audiobook.

If you aren’t worried about cultural sensitivities or accuracy (so sue me. I KNOW it’s fiction but it still matters to me when using real life places and cultures) this is an enjoyable read/listen. If you are, proceed with caution and use your own best judgement.

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