Review: From Stars They Fell

Posted: 26/06/2017 in book reviews, books
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From Stars They Fell
From Stars They Fell by H.R. Harrison

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Content warnings: betrayal, sex, death, attempted murder, drugging of a character in an attempt to kill them, neopronoun use, non heterosexual relationships.

I received an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for a fair an honest review.

I adored this. From the female dwarves with beards to the neopronouns for the alien.

There was some great world building in this novella that I’ve seen lacking in full novels. There’s also the bits where the alien doesn’t know the language and then goes to learn the language that’s really neat (and it’s not just one language that xie has to learn). It was all so cute.

I do remember it having a few issues here and there but for the most part the few issues are masked by the rest of the book. There is deaf representation in this book (that’s the other language the alien has to learn is sign language) but as I am hearing and don’t speak much sign language that’s not something I can speak a whole lot on and I would defer all my potential issues (I think I had one or two things that rubbed me weird with representation there) to the deaf community as they are more the experts in their community and what is good and bad representation.

Overall though, super cute novella that I’d definitely recommend.

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  1. Wow, you have intrigued me. Female dwarves? Sounds totally awesome. Even despite the warnings (and I’m sensitive to a few of those)


    • Blow Pop says:

      If you’re sensitive to them, read them on one of your better days and have your back up stuff in place for afterwards for just in case (it’s what I do when I know that I’m going into potentially triggering content for myself). Like the female dwarves are really more mentioned as they confuse the hell out of the alien at first until it’s explained to xie (and IIRC xie’s pronouns may change a bit I just remember that xie uses xie initially but may also use hir) that the female dwarves have beards but the dwarves are the first civilization xie stumbles upon but also stumbles upon deaf human male just doesn’t use those terms. Uses human who speaks with his hands. Textually though it’s made clear he can’t hear.


      • That is some really good advice! I’ll have to think about it :) and I’ve seen the pronouns in quite a lot of places now, I like the idea. In fact, I just posted a review of a book that uses them, just now. It’s really cool.


      • Blow Pop says:

        Trial and error has shown me that’s what works best for me. So that’s my default advice to others to try. Whether it works for you is debatable but…..only you can say.

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